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  • Foreign Policy and Military Intervention
    The United States should not be involved in any military action that does not immediately impact the United States The United States should continue its current approach to foreign policy, becoming involved in foreign affairs to pre-emptively avert danger or to aid allies The United States should be involved in any military actions that could improve conditions at home or result in regime changes that benefit the United States and democracy
  • Taxation Policy
    Raise taxes on upper-middle and upper class earners and raise the capital gains tax rate Maintain tax rates on households earning less than $250k/year Structure the tax code to create a single federal flat tax applied to all citizens, regardless of earning
  • Energy Policy
    Energy should come from sustainable sources. End the use of fossil fuels as soon as possible Provide incentives so that energy comes from a variety of sources, including domestic oil, natural gas, and renewable energy sources Grow domestic energy industry and allow states to lease energy rights on federal land
  • Immigration Policy
    Create a pathway towards citizenship for undocumented workers currently living in the United States and those wanting to immigrate to the United States Grant amnesty to undocumented workers currently living in the United States and create a guest worker program Undocumented workers should be deported and can apply for residency through current legal channel
  • Drug and Marijuana Policy
    Marijuana should be federally legal in both medical and recreational instances Current laws should stand with states able to pass laws legalizing medical and recreational marijuana while it is still illegal under federal law Marijuana laws should be federally enforced with no exceptions for individual state laws
  • 2nd Amendment Rights and Firearm Regulations
    The federal government should ban all firearms with exceptions for law enforcement and hunting Renew federal assault weapons ban and perform background checks for all firearm purchases Neither the state nor the federal government should pass any laws limiting the 2nd amendment in any capacity
  • Privacy
    Abolish the PATRIOT Act and defund the NSA Use the Freedom Act to provide the government with tools for fighting terrorism while addressing privacy concerns of the PATRIOT Act The PATRIOT Act and the NSA are necessary tools for fighting terrorism and should be fully funded to help protect The United States of America
  • Education Policy
    Only fund public schools, defund charter schools Balance public school choice with both traditional public schools and charter schools Create a federal voucher program to provide parental choice between public schools, charter schools and government subsidized vouchers for private and parochial schools
  • Environmental Policy and Regulation
    The federal government should tax CO2 emissions and subsidize renewable energy The government should maintain cap and trade programs while continuing to develop domestic energy, both renewable energy and traditional fossil fuels The federal government should not enact any regulations that could harm business and should eliminate the EPA
  • Marriage Laws and Definitions
    The federal government should maintain legal recognition of same-sex marriage Marriage should be defined by state legislatures and state courts There should be a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman
  • Welfare Policy
    The social safety net should be expanded to better handle those in need Current budgets for the social safety net are adequate Private, non-profit and religious organizations are better equipped to handle charity than the federal government. Cut all funding for entitlement programs
  • Public Bathrooms and LGBT Rights
    Federal government should ensure LGBT rights, including bathroom access Let the courts determine Federal or state jurisdiction for LGBT rights States should protect their citizens and require people use the bathroom corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate
  • Healthcare Policy
    The United States should have a national, single-payer healthcare system The Affordable Care Act should stand as is with states able to limit the expansion of Medicaid The Affordable Care Act should be overturned, Medicare should be privatized and Medicaid should be eliminated
  • Abortion Laws
    Abortion should be allowed nationally as a matter between patients and doctors with states unable to pass any limitations Current laws should stand with abortions allowed nationally with states able to enact some restrictions The federal government should prohibit all abortions