Frequently Asked Questions
What is VoterGuru?
VoterGuru helps you decide who to vote for. You take a quick quiz and get an accurate assessment of your closest ideological match. We think of it as the first step in learning about the candidates and the issues.
Why Did You Create VoterGuru?
We believe an informed electorate is key to the democratic process. In doing our own research, we realized it takes tremendous effort to learn about the candidates and the issues. We wanted to make this quick, easy and fun to learn.
How Do You Track the Candidates?
We look at the voting records and public statements of the candidates. Our proprietary algorithm weighs actual votes over public statements. It weighs more recent votes or statements over historical ones.
What is the Conviction Score?
Politicians often evolve or change their stance on the issues. Conviction score shows how consistently a politician has held a given view.
Why Are There Only 14 Questions? / Why Are Some Issues Missing?
VoterGuru provides the most accurate results in the quickest and easiest way possible. Our research shows that many issues have codependent sentiments. For example, both voters and politicians share similar views across Homeland Security, Privacy and Foreign Policy. In order to keep VoterGuru quick, simple and accurate, VoterGuru has consolidated many of these codependent issues.
Where Can I Learn More?
Click here to sign up for VoterGuru. You will get the latest news on the candidates and the issues.